Thursday, June 21, 2018 01:12

My YouTube FUBAR

So, I admit I don’t use YouTube that much. However, when it added social features that allowed me to connect via YouTube to my Twitter & Facebook Friends with one click of a button, I did that. I fully admit to being a bit of a friending whore in many of the more popular networks (e.g. I have several hundred Foursquare connections and have yet to use the service)…however, I’ve found that it’s so hard to know in advance where and how to make the most meaningful connections…so when it’s so easy to connect with hundreds via one click, I go and push the button.

YouTube also offers Facebook & Twitter integration. I thought that meant that when I publish the rare video, that link would be pushed via social media. Of course, I didn’t examine the details and implications of the integration too closely. It turns out that when I hit the “channel subscription button” and subscribed to 30 different channels, I generated 30 posts to both Twitter and Facebook.

Needless to say, my friends didn’t care for what happened:

So, here’s what I did (and what I recommend doing if you get into the same situation):

1) Apologized directly to everyone who commented (since the “affected” were a reasonable number). If you’ve “offended” too many people to count, apologize in the most public way possible (which I also did). This is not a time to be defensive…take responsibility for your actions.

2) Make light of the situation.

3) Be very careful with anything involving autoposting. I always hated the people who have their vacation email autoresponders run unchecked…now, I was “that guy”.

Most of the people who responded back to me were cool with what happened (since they’ve likely done something similar themselves). However, you can’t assume that everyone will take such a faux pas with good humor so when you F*** up, show some humility and grace even if it isn’t entirely necessary.

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