Thursday, August 13, 2020 17:54

Concert Phone Pic FUBAR


My company PPC Associates just returned from a corporate retreat in Las Vegas.  It was a wonderful trip and I got some face time with my fellow co-workers that I don’t see all that often.  The trip ran from Thursday to Saturday…half the folks left Saturday and the remainder (including myself) stayed until Sunday.  Before the trip, I checked the concert listings and noticed that I could see Rod Stewart play Caesars Palace (the same location where I saw Leonard Cohen a couple years earlier).  I knew that the demographic of my co-workers was such that nobody else would be interested in joining me, so I bought one “nosebleed” ticket for the show.

And, just as the sign said, I got lucky. While I was talking to my wife on my cell, an usher walked up to me and asked if I wanted to move down to the front. So, from the worst seat in the house, I ended up in the last row of the very front section, a most excellent seat.

Most of the time I go to concerts, I’m too far away to take meaningful pictures, so I usually end up taking a random picture of the stage before the show starts and then leave my phone in my pocket. However, this time, I was pretty close and though I wanted to enjoy the show without thinking about taking pictures, I was able to get off some decent shots from where I was and Rod was gracious to sing some songs on the right side of the stage very close to me.

I did find it amusing that during one of his songs (Tonight’s The Night), he sat down on the edge of the stage and immediately, a couple dozen people rushed down the aisle to take a really close picture of him. These weren’t fans that were overcome by emotion of the moment and the persona of Stewart. Instead, all of them were totally focused on getting that super close picture of him singing. I found that really amusing and somewhat sad actually since the spectacle of a concert has moved away from the artist and towards the audience. I don’t think that’s a positive development.

And yet, there was a part of the show where Rod got down from the stage and started dancing through the aisles near the stage. I quickly realize that he would be passing within a foot of where I was standing. Being caught up in the moment, I got my phone ready for a super close shot. My finger was somewhat slow and as you can tell, I missed the shot. However, my deep regret was not missing the photo, but instead, that when he walked within a foot of me, I wasn’t focused on him…instead, I was looking at my hand, holding my camera, trying to get that “perfect picture”. I missed out on a compelling memory that would have been far more important than a concert photo that would have been shared in social media and quickly forgotten.

The fact that I did capture part of his pink sport jacket sleeve feel somewhat symbolic to me. Important moments in life can be fleeting and if you focus on recording them instead of living them, you lose out on their power.

Rod did put on a great show BTW and if you have the chance to catch him in Vegas, I strongly recommend going.

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