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Why The Sacramento Kings Will Become The Anaheim Royals Next Year

It’s not news that the Sacramento Kings were talking about relocating their franchise, with Anaheim being their primary destination. If the team moved, the safest assumption would be that they would then be called the “Anaheim Kings” but for the fact that there is a Los Angeles Kings hockey team just up the road might cause a bit of confusion for the marketplace. So, what might the franchise be called after relocation?

I was reading this post on Oregonlive that mentioned that the franchise was known as the “Royals” back in the 40’s/50’s when they were in Rochester. Apparently, the current Kings team wore “Royals” jerseys as part of their throwback uniforms…but oddly enough, they wore the uniforms more than once which raised the eyes of many NBA commentators. Might the Kings owners be putting out some sort of signal?

One way to figure out what’s happening is to look at the pattern of domain name registrations. was registered on 2/23/11. Registration is private…a signal that the person registering the domain is likely either a domainer pro or someone representing the club.

The first results mentioning “Anaheim Royals” in Google News occurs on 2/27/2011

The media then begins to run with the story. was registered on 3/2/11 and was registered on 3/3/11. All three domains were registered at GoDaddy and all three have their privacy service. The .com domain name servers are NS67.DOMAINCONTROL.COM / NS68.DOMAINCONTROL.COM. The .net/.org name servers are NS69.DOMAINCONTROL.COM / NS70.DOMAINCONTROL.COM.

Registering the .com/.net/.org only is the classic business strategy. It’s possible that a domainer would have jumped in and bought the .net and .org, but the fact that they were not bought at the same time (domainers are usually very quick on the purchase trigger) argues against that…if he/she saw the value in the name, he/she would have bought them both simultaneously.

Now, it’s entirely possible that the team doesn’t make the move (for whatever reason) and it’s entirely possible that they’ve purchased domains for different team names (that haven’t been exposed to the media yet). However, unless the original .com domain purchase was a wildly prescient act (which does sometimes happen in the domain space), the domain name purchases were a step made by a team insider that portends future action.

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