Monday, February 24, 2020 09:24

The Lawns In My Subdivision

You are looking at my lawn as it appears in Google Street View.

Actually, though it looks like my lawn…it’s not 100% my lawn. See the fence on the right? That’s the fence to my neighbor’s back yard and the portion of the lawn that’s in front of his fence is technically his lawn even though it looks like mine.

Because that 5 foot wide parcel of lawn appears to be part of my lawn, I take care of it as if it were mine.

When I mow my lawn, I mow the portion that my neighbor owns.

When I laid down new sod a couple years ago, I laid down new sod on his portion at my expense.

It helps that my neighbors are great people and they’ve helped us out many a time when we’ve needed help. However, even if they weren’t great neighbors, I’d still treat that little piece of their property as if it were mine because if it looked bad, it would reflect badly on our house.

My neighbors to the left of me haven’t mowed their lawn yet this year. It’s beginning to look almost tropical.

Our small strip of property that adjoins their lawn isn’t lawn…we dug that up years ago and replaced it with bark dust & bushes. So, my neighbors lawn has a kind of continuity to it even though it’s not being taken care of.

This is the property line of my neighbor who doesn’t mow their lawn with the neighbor two houses up from me. The neighbor two houses up takes care of his lawn. However, he refuses to mow the little strip of grass that he doesn’t own. The refusal to do this makes his lawn look extremely bizarre and reflects badly on his house and its value. I’m not sure why he doesn’t just go ahead and take care of that strip.

If I were in the situation of my neighbor two houses up, I would ask permission to take care of that portion of the lawn. I can’t imagine that I would be refused. Or, I might just take “ownership” of the situation and mow it anyway. I certainly wouldn’t let a neighbor’s negligence affect the value and aesthetic of my property.

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