Saturday, September 26, 2020 21:33

Structured Settlement Scumbags


For those who don’t know, “Structured Settlements” was / is a “Top 10” Google AdSense keyword for a couple reasons:

1) Successful businesses in this vertical can make a ton of cash.
2) Most people who choose a structured settlement post judgment are desparate, stupid, or both.

One of my wife’s relatives who lived at our house for a short period of time made the very immature choice to take a structured settlement and because she resided at our address, our address got added to the various structured settlement mailing lists, meaning that I’ve been seeing their direct mail pieces for a while. However, my interest was piqued when we received a letter that was addressed in what appeared to be 10 year old kids handwriting yet also contained the standard bulk mail stamp. Opening up the letter, I saw the following:

Image (94)

What I find absolutely appalling from this messaging is the absolute contempt the company is showing for the potential customers. Even the Nigerian 419 messages show more respect from the audience than this settlement company (which can easily be identified by Googling the phone number) and I find it mind-boggling that even the dimmest members of their audience could fall for such a ploy.

I had thought that most people only get the opportunity once to actually do a structured settlement (which is certainly the case here) so I question why all these mailings are happening in the first place. I don’t necessarily have a problem with legally making money off of gullible, vulnerable people but I think marketers have an obligation to respect their audience even if they’re ultimately going to try to take advantage of them.

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