Saturday, September 26, 2020 21:55

Stomach Distress


Everyone has a series of embarrassing incidents that they prefer to keep hidden from public view. I’m no exception. However, here’s one story I’m not shy to share…

We used to have a maid service at our house once a week. They cleaned the house each while I worked and, depending on the day, there would be either one or two women cleaning house.

On one particular day, the maids were doing their work at the same time I was getting over some sort of “stomach bug”. One of the main characteristics of “intestinal issues” is that the “byproduct” smells particularly raunchy and at those times, one is thankful for excellent ventilating fans in each bathroom :.)

My office is upstairs along with two of our three bathrooms and as the women were getting towards finishing their cleaning duties, I was seized by stomach cramps and had to rush to the bathroom. Being the considerate guy that I am, I went into the guest bathroom instead of the master bathroom because I thought they had already cleaned that room.

I guessed wrong.

As a matter of fact, the only room in the house that they needed to clean was the guest bathroom. Not two minutes after I exited the bathroom (which had a particularly ripe odor to it), I overhead one cleaning lady (the one with seniority) tell the other one to clean the bathroom I just left. She opened the door and was in there for at least ten minutes. No gas mask or other breathing apparatus was used as I felt extremely embarrassed (though I certainly laughed about it to myself after the fact).

Surprisingly enough, they remained in our employment for sometime after that incident.


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