Saturday, September 26, 2020 22:15

My Google Fiber Commentary


I was asked to supply commentary on why Google Fiber should come to Portland. I did…but it wasn’t used. Instead, OregonLive published this piece by SEMpdx President Alan George which shouldn’t have surprised me since he’s the SEMpdx President and I’m not… :.)

Anyway, so not to put my effort to waste, here’s what I wrote:

I’m a militant telecommuter. At home, I pay for Business Class Internet Service…and while it’s not Google Fiber, I’m never left wanting for pipe on any of my work-related (or recreational) Internet Tasks.

One of the many reasons why working at an office sucks is slow Wifi (and don’t even get me started about trying to use the Wifi at a public event or conference). Too many people with too many Internet enabled devices congregated in the same place draining the life out of the available pipe results in an unsatisfying experience for everyone involved.

Now imagine ubiquitous Google Fiber:

Imagine going to an office and actually being able to do real work without being slowed by technology.

Imagine watching streaming Netflix on your TV and not having to see the famous “buffering” signal.

Imagine going to a tech conference and have everyone in the auditorium being able to get fast Internet.

Imagine Comcast being forced to compete on price and service in Portland to keep it’s near monopoly from falling apart.

Sure, the business ramifications for Google Fiber in Portland will be incredible. However, Google Fiber will have a “Hand of God” impact on the lives of our residents and that’s what I’m looking most forward to seeing.

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