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How To Punk Somebody Using Google AdWords

So here’s a good trick to play on somebody (note that you’ll need access to the “victim’s computer” in order for this to work)

First, you need to create an AdWords Campaign. It’s not important what you are advertising or how you are advertising it for reasons that will become clear later. However, I’d make your campaign really obscure so that strangers won’t find your ads and also become targets of your efforts.

Then, you’ll need to setup a Google Remarketing Campaign for your new AdWords Campaign. Don’t know how? Here’s a good guide. I’m sure there are others. You’ll need to bid aggressively (and perhaps spend a bit) in order for your remarketing ads to be seen. You can’t pull this trick off by being cheap :.)

Also, your remarketing campaign must be setup so that it will trigger for everyone who clicks your ad (which is hopefully only the target of your prank).

Go to Mechanical Turk and pay for at least 500 people to do your Google Search and click on your ad (the minimum level for remarketing to work).

Also, do a Google Search for the obscure term that you are bidding on the computer that your target is using. Click on your Google Ad. Then the fun begins.

One of the chief tenants of remarketing is writing custom ads that your audience responds to. If you carried out your process correctly, your only audience is the intended target of your fun and games. Therefore, in your remarketing ads, you can write personal messages via ads to them (that need not have anything to do with the original ad that was clicked).

Sample headlines could include:



The website you link to may or may not have anything to do with perpetuating the prank…that’s up to you.

Your victim will have to clean the cookies from their computer in order to escape your treachery… :.)

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