Sunday, June 16, 2019 06:54

How I’m A Home Maintenance D***F***

My last water bill was probably $50 more than it should have been…likely because I had a kitchen sink leak during the billing cycle. I used 33 units of water compared to 21 units the same time the previous year. According to my water bill, on 10/6, the meter reader read the meter at “1408”. Being the careful guy I am, I went out to check the meter (see picture above). It showed 1441…which means I had used 33 units in almost 2 weeks.

I called the water bureau and they gave me some tips about finding a leak. I went into the crawlspace under my house (fortunately, it’s large enough where I can stand up). I walked around it, finding nothing…and I noticed the spot where the previous leak occurred was been holding up just fine.

So, I called a plumber I know from his doing several jobs at my house. I told him the story and he was asking me questions about what I saw on the meter. Something didn’t quite ad up because the meter he described didn’t jive with the meter I described. He asked where the meter was and I told him it was on the side of the house. He told me I had been looking at the gas meter, not the water meter since the water meter was next to the street.

I went out to check on my water meter. It read 1411…only 3 units of water used in the previous 2 weeks. The area around the water meter was totally dry, which it should be.

Thanks to the gas meter & water meter having nearly identical readings, I got worked up over nothing…

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