Sunday, June 16, 2019 07:13

Fear Of Flying


I will never “choose” to get on an airplane.

I have to fly for work and I accept that. I have to fly to see family and I accept that. I don’t have to fly for any other reason and I choose not to. Vacations for me generally involve a car trip (and perhaps a Groupon…there are so many good deals to choose from). I don’t have a passport and I suspect I never will.

When I was flying to San Francisco a couple weeks ago, the plane was delayed due to some weather condition which didn’t make any sense as once we flew over the city, it was sunny and clear. We were getting ready for the final descent when the following happened…

Everyone who has flown before has experienced the sudden drop when the plane hits an air pocket. It’s a quick jolt that lasts a fraction of a second (or perhaps a second at the most). On our final descent, the plane hit one of these air pockets and dropped…and kept dropping…and kept dropping…

I certainly didn’t look at my watch to know how many seconds this lasted…it had to be a minimum of 5 seconds however. Fortunately, this happened with everyone wearing seat belts…anyone not belted in would have gotten slammed.

What was amazing to me is that I really didn’t freak out as this was occurring…probably because of how my mind really couldn’t process what was happening…and once it did, my mind “detached” from the event which prevented me from reacting in my normal fashion. I was “there” but not really “there” which I have to see as a blessing. I was so detached that I didn’t think to grab the seat arm rests until after the drop ended.

I experienced the “free fall” sensation (which I don’t like, so no skydiving in my future).

Nobody made any noise in the cabin…I think everyone around me was as stunned as I was.

No announcement was made on the P.A.

The plane landed safely and I took a cab to the office.


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