Tuesday, June 18, 2019 16:55

Clear 4G & Netflix

I’m a movie addict and I use the Netflix on demand service regularly. I don’t travel nearly as much as many folks but the value of being able to call up a Netflix movie in the evening while being stuck in a hotel room (instead of being limited to what’s on TV at the hotel) would be a real benefit. Unfortunately, without strong Internet access, a Netflix movie becomes unwatchable.

However, I’ve watched entire movies from Netflix using my Clear Wireless 4G signal instead of my wired home Internet. The Clear 4G delivers the movie flawlessly. I can not discern a difference in quality. I have attempted to watch online video using flaky Wifi connections and I usually give up because of the poor reception quality. Clear 4G appears to have none of these drawbacks.

Many people purchase Clear 4G so they can have a secure Internet Connection as they travel around for work. However, with Clear 4G, you can benefit from that secure Internet when you are done working as well.

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