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Clear 4G & Airports

We all know that it’s a total crap-shoot as to whether your airplane trip will stick closely to the scheduled itinerary or if you’re going to end up getting stuck waiting for hours with many thousands of other stranded travelers. Clear 4G can’t do anything about airport delays but it can make the time pass a lot faster.

Not that many airports offer free wifi for all travelers (Portland and Las Vegas are the only ones that I can think of). If you travel a lot, you’re likely know the challenge of getting a fast, secure wifi connection while being in a random airport. If you have Clear 4G, you are spared the hassle of sharing your wifi signal with many thousands of other travelers or paying high prices for just a few hours of use.

Recently, I got stranded in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport for 8 hours due to weather. O’Hare doesn’t offer free wifi and my Clear Device help me use my laptop to pass the time doing work / playing Angry Birds. On my way home, flying out of Greensboro, NC (my original destination), I got stranded again due to bad weather but Greensboro is yet another city covered by Clear 4G and again, I was able to be productive on my laptop while waiting out flight delays.

If you are a frequently mobile in the geographical areas covered by Clear 4G, I strongly recommend that you invest in one of their devices.

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