Sunday, June 16, 2019 06:50

Class Reunion Dichotomy

Oddly enough, my wife and I got high school reunion invitations the same week…

I was fortunate enough to escape detection by my former class until now. You see, whomever was in charge of the reunion outsourced the effort to ““, an organization that seems to have been able to successfully link me to my former class. They sent me a flyer which I almost tossed since it had the same look and feel to it as what the local Arc Group sends out when they are looking for donations in our area. I love the flowery prepackaged language contained on the flyer…the truth being that I could tend bar at the event feeling very certain that I would do so incognito. Since is in the business of putting on these sorts of event, I’m sure they’ll do a good job and attract a certain core attendance with everybody profiting (financially and otherwise) from the event.

Now, my wife’s old High School friend (who got us Garth Brooks Seattle concert tickets about 15 years ago) reached out to her via email about her reunion. Apparently, folks in my wife’s class created a Facebook Group and her friend initially tried unsuccessfully to find my wife on Facebook (since I think her profile is pretty bare bones and private). So, my wife was forwarded a Word document listing the planned events on the agenda. I’m sure with their lack of resources, my wife’s class is going to miss a lot of folks but I have to think that with the motive being relationships and not profit, the event will be a lot more meaningful.

As for my reunion, I will not be in attendance…the Bend WebCAM is the two days before and it’s likely that I might extend stay in Bend over the weekend with my family. Anyone interested in connecting with me can always hit me up via social media…however, I have a feeling that nobody connected with my high school class or the reunion will…

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