Sunday, June 16, 2019 06:40

A New Use For Duct Tape


When I came back home from the gym yesterday, my wife immediately pulled me into our living room area where she showed me the following:

There was a small hole in our ceiling and yellow jacksts were making their way through the hole and into our house. She had been dousing them with bug spray but that hadn’t done anything to fix the problem and they were still coming inside. My immediate thought was that we got a wasp nest in our crawl space (we’ve had them outside before). However, we quickly had to do something about the hole…and the first thought that came to mind was:


We tore off a large piece of duct tape from the roll and attempted to stick it over the ceiling hole. Our first attempt failed and that seemed to enrage the insects and they started coming through the hole at a quicker pace. However, we got our our trusty broom and smoothed the tape over the hole so it was nice and snug. Problem solved.

We made an emergency call to our pest control service (who we fortunately have a service contract with). They were at our house within 3 hours. They correctly diagnosed the problem (a small hole next to our gutter spout that needed to be caulked) and told us the nest wasn’t particularly big. They sprayed the area, caulked the hole, and solved our problem. Now, we just have to get the hole in our ceiling patched (which is only the size of a quarter)…


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