Sunday, June 16, 2019 06:44

Curious Behavior At The Movies

I went to see “The Artist” yesterday and I saw a behavior that I’ve seen many times before that I find curious and rather strange.

The line to buy tickets was about 20-25 deep. 2 cashiers were on duty selling tickets.

On either side of the ticket windows sat a Regal Automatic Ticket Kiosk. Nobody was using either.

The weather outside was brisk, windy & rainy (if you weren’t under the overhang). Yet people universally decided that they rather stand in the ticket line exposed to the weather instead of using the kiosk.

Now, it’s true that somebody needs a credit or debit card to use the kiosk. I feel pretty certain that most adults in line had at least one in their possession. Logic would dictate that someone being faced with any sort of measurable wait would see the empty ticket kiosks and say to themselves,

“Hey, why don’t I just get my credit / debit card out of my wallet and skip this waiting B.S.”

Yet, people continued to wait in line. I’ve seen the same behavior with 50-75 people in line…except when the line gets that long, a few brave souls do figure out that there will be a noticeable wait time and (perhaps if they’ve figured out they might miss the start of the movie), decide to use the kiosk.

I saw the line and the empty kiosks. I walked to one of the empty kiosks, purchased my ticket with my credit card, and went inside, looking all the time at the people in line as I entered the theater.

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