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Chris Dudley Campaign Email FAIL

Many don’t know than in Oregon, each taxpayer can give $50 to a political candidate and that $50 is applied as a tax credit on that person’s Oregon tax return (which essentially makes the donation free to the donor). So at the end of last year, my Republican wife’s $50 went to Chris Dudley (who had just entered the Oregon Governor’s race) and my $50 went to John Kitzhaber.

That $50 donation got me on Chris Dudley’s email list and he has periodically sent campaign emails throughout the campaign (which I mostly ignored). However, I got the following email a week ago with the unusual Subject Line (Brunch – This Sunday) so I read the whole thing through. On it’s first reading, it came across as quite odd and the more I think about it (even though the event has already past), the more offensive it seems to me.

Anyone who does email marketing knows the importance of email list segmentation. Somebody who gives $50 once to a campaign isn’t likely to pony up the $1,000 minimum to attend any event (where the most exclusive access goes for $25,000). For the huge majority of people, an ask that begins at $1,000 is not only ridiculous but it’s extraordinarily offensive to all but the highest wage earners. I’m sure this email would be relevant and timely to a very small segment of his campaign donors but if I were a non-wealthy Republican who received this email, I would definitely question whether Chris is the right candidate to represent my needs and this email totally goes against the “man of the people” image he’s trying to portray in his TV ads.

His email is every bit as awkward as his free throw stroke and probably as effective…

From: Chris G. Dudley [mailto:chris@chrisdudley.com]
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2010 9:10 PM
To: Chris G. Dudley
Subject: Brunch – This Sunday

Dear Supporters,

We are planning a very special event this Sunday, October 10th as we countdown to Oregon’s Comeback in Portland. I realize this is very short notice, but this is an event not to be missed, and I ask that you save the date on your calendar today and reserve your tickets right away. Ballots go in the mail in 11 days – everything you do now helps us reach the critical undecided voters in this race before they start voting.

Please send your reservation to rsvp@chrisdudley.com or call 503-312-7813.

Sunday, October 10th
Countdown to Oregon’s Comeback
Portland, OR

General Reception
$1000 per person
12:00 PM

$2500 per couple
12:00 PM

Brunch – General Seating
$10,000 per couple
11:00 AM

Brunch – Head Table Seating
$25,000 per couple
11:00 AM


Chris Dudley

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