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Structured Settlement Scumbags

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014


For those who don’t know, “Structured Settlements” was / is a “Top 10” Google AdSense keyword for a couple reasons:

1) Successful businesses in this vertical can make a ton of cash.
2) Most people who choose a structured settlement post judgment are desparate, stupid, or both.

One of my wife’s relatives who lived at our house for a short period of time made the very immature choice to take a structured settlement and because she resided at our address, our address got added to the various structured settlement mailing lists, meaning that I’ve been seeing their direct mail pieces for a while. However, my interest was piqued when we received a letter that was addressed in what appeared to be 10 year old kids handwriting yet also contained the standard bulk mail stamp. Opening up the letter, I saw the following:

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