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Remembering Portland’s La Luna

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Portland in the 90’s is where and when I started to attend club shows.  While I did attend shows at The Aladdin Theater (Richard Thompson & Steve Earle), the Roseland (Leo Kottke), or even the Melody Ballroom (Albert Collins),  La Luna was the center of the Portland musical club scene as far as I was concerned and looking back at the setlists posted for the club (which is only a small fraction of the shows that were put on), I regret terribly not hanging out at La Luna more often.

The Lawns In My Subdivision

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

You are looking at my lawn as it appears in Google Street View.

Actually, though it looks like my lawn…it’s not 100% my lawn. See the fence on the right? That’s the fence to my neighbor’s back yard and the portion of the lawn that’s in front of his fence is technically his lawn even though it looks like mine.

Because that 5 foot wide parcel of lawn appears to be part of my lawn, I take care of it as if it were mine.

When I mow my lawn, I mow the portion that my neighbor owns.

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