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Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

There are multiple reasons why I’ve continually had lower back pain:

1)       Genetics (my dad has suffered with serious back problems his entire adult life).

2)       Sitting at a desk all day.

3)       Frequently overdoing the elliptical machine on the hardest possible setting for the maximum time allowed.

4)       Stomach sleeper.

I’ve been using the garden-variety Costco desk chair for several years, and though nothing is wrong with it, its lower back support leaves much to be desired.  Though I’m amongst the cheapest people you might come across, I figured that it was about time that I spent the necessary money to get the best possible office chair.

My Blogging Performance

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

“The score never interested me…only the game.”  Mae West

At a social event last Pubcon, I was having a drink with two of my best friends in the SEO industry:  Mark Knowles and Adam Audette.  I can’t remember exactly how the conversation was going (and bear in mind that we were all a little buzzed), but somewhat out of the blue, Adam said of my writing:

“Nobody understands what the f*** you are writing about.” (though he subsequently admitted he got the gist of most of my posts).

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